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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Barry's Great Caiman Leg for Paneria

Hi Strap lovers. This one is a real beauty that I wanted to share. It's a black Caiman Croc. Leg skin for Panerai with padding at the lug which really shows of the great scale patterning of these leg skins to best advantage. These scales are soft and flex a lot like elbow or knee plate armor that was worn by knights back in the day and it wouldn't surprise me if the Croc. was the amour maker's inspiration. These straps are stitchless to show off the great scale patterning unencumbered by stitching. As near as I can tell this strap is a Dangerous9straps exclusive and are rare, as I can only make two strap for a caiman skin (only the back legs are long enough to make a strap). If you're interested in getting one made for your favorite watch let me know right way, as I'm planning to order a new batch of Caiman skins. Thanks!

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