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Monday, August 8, 2011

4 of The Latest for Doug's BR02

Hi strap lovers. Here are a few of my latest custom straps for Doug's Bell & Ross BR02.

First up: A true Dangerous9 classic and a strap I wear on my own personal BR02; Antique French Oak with Charcoal grey double stitched to give it some heft. This leather is new, but has been given a finish that is exclusive to Dangerous9strap consisting of several layers of staining and dying that make it look like it's about 90 years old and a depth of color that NO ONE else can creat. Remember, each Dangerous9 leather strap is individually hand stained and dyed from creamy soft vegetable tanned leather, so each strap is it's own one of a kind creation. This is the traditional method of leather work that goes back centuries. Sure it takes more time and requires skills that most strap makers don't have, but I think the results speak for themselves:

Next Up: Doug's new custom Swiss Ammo for his BR02. Not to many strap makers are making Swiss Ammo straps for Bell & Ross Watches and even fewer for the great BR02 dive watch. This one is a real classic with super clean 1950's leather and nice deep stampings all stitched up with 7 ply waxed Irish Linen in black to give it a really miliary look:

3rd up for Doug: A really classic combination of Black leather and Cream white linen. What can I say about this other than it look amazingly sexy with the SS BR02 with Arabic numbers. A very striking strap combo:

OK last of the new 4: Doug's new "vintage Black with Emergency Orange stitching. This is the first time I've make this combo, and I think that one poeple see it they're going to want one for themselves. I think it's the coolest new combo I've done in a while. And again hand dyed with a custom blend of dyes, so this is only available at Dangerous9straps:

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