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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Super Soft Lamb Skin Lining from France!!


Hi strap lovers. I'm never satisfied with just making great custom straps for my customers. I firmly believe that in order to offer true luxury watch straps for my customers, I must continuously strive to improve my products and my service. To that end, I've been looking far and wide for a new lining leather for my exotic skin straps. These were the imperatives of my search: 1. This new lining leather must be strong and super flexible. 2. It must be incredibly , luxuriously soft. 3. It must be able to cope well with a moisture rich environment of a watch strap. 4. It needed to be between .6 to .8mms in thickness, so it can be easily incorporated into dressier straps and deployment clasps.
My searching has finally paid off. There is a certain tannery in France that is tanning locally raised lamb skin that is incredibly soft - ridiculously soft. In fact, I think it's perhaps the softest leather of any kind I have ever come across. It's not just the feel of this leather that is a wonder, but its strength as well. It's suppleness and pliability are in fact its great strengths. Where calf leather splits and can tare, lamb skin stretches. The color is a sumptuous tan with a velvety feel that must be experienced to be believed. Order your Dangerous9 exotic skin strap with the new buttery soft Lambskin lining upgrade today, and treat yourself to the very best feeling strap on earth.

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