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Friday, July 8, 2011

Doug's Nubuck Shark - Grey Moss

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Hi strap lovers. Here is one that I'm very excited about - my great customer Doug's new Nubuck Shark in Grey Moss. This is a very limited edition shark leather that I recently acquired from one of my suppliers and is exclusive to Dangerous9straps and once it's gone, It'll be gone for ever so it you're interested in having a strap made, using this amazing skin, you should contact me right away. The color of the skin is a soft grey/brown Nubuck that in some light looks like Moss Green and since it's Nubuck, is sumptuously soft and supple and yet I know from my experience with shark, will be as tough as nails and wear like Iron. Doug's choice of Butterscotch linen is a perfect contrast, but since this skin has so much complexity of color making subtle color shift depending on the direction of the light, it would look great also with Cream white, Natural, Slate Grey, Charcoal, Walnut and even black linen stitching. Can you tell that I love this skin? Doug's strap was made for his PAM 184, and is 27mms at the lug gently tapering to 24mm at the buckle. If you've got a watch that you think would look good paired with this beautiful Dangerous9strap exclusive Nubuck Shark, contact me today. Cheers!

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