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Saturday, June 4, 2011

JC' Swiss Ammo Strap Dated 1900!! by Dangerous9straps

Hi strap lovers. Once in a while I am presented with a very special Swiss Ammo strap, which because of it's ago or because the leather, while very old indeed is in beautiful condition or because the stamping are particularly fine. The Swiss Ammo strap shown above hand all three of these and more. This was just a stunning piece of historic beauty. So when JC contacting me looking for something special for his PAM 217 and also intimated that he was due to receive a PAM 382 Bronzo, I knew that these very special watches would be the perfect match for a strap made from this beautiful pouch, especially since these watches take a wider 26mm strap than the smaller 44mm PAMs. Still the stamping on this pouch were to large for even the 26mm strap and since I couldn't bear the thought of cutting through these beautiful and historic stamps. I decided instead to enlarge the strap to accommodate the beautiful stampings and in so doing created an original design that would showcase them instead. Not only did I keep the stamps intact, I also made efforts to keep the historic feel of the pouch by using the original leather edge on one side of the buckle end of the strap and incorporating the original 111 year old stitching into the strap where possible and by using the original beld loop as a keep! JC has promised to send photographs his watches mount up with his new and very historic 1900 Swiss Ammo strap as soon as he receives it and I hope he's as happy with the results as I am.
I am very fortunate to have a supplier of Swiss ammo pouches based in Switzerland, who is always on the lookout for these beautiful and historic pouches for me. Of course these pouches are rare and in many cases are one of a kind items. If you are interested in having a watch strap made from a very, old and rare Swiss ammo pouch, please contact me. I am always getting new items in stock. Thanks for looking.
Note the character of the original belt loop:

Note the original 111 year old stitching:

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