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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dangerous9straps is famous for hand colored leather straps!!

Hi strap lovers, I know it has been a while since I've posted one of my famous hand tinted antique stain and dyed straps. I've bee featuring so many different kinds of exotic skins on my blog and a lot of Swiss Ammo straps as well that it's easy to forget that Dangerous9strap has really made a name for itself by making leather straps that are individually dyed, stained and antiqued by hand. These are multi stage staining and dyed techniques that I'll developed and so far as I know are used exclusively by Dangerous9 to achieve a very complex color composition on each individual strap often consisting of as many as 10 separate staining, dying and final finish coatings. Most other strap makers start out with leather that's been pre-dyed and finished from the tannery, then simply cut, glue and stitch the leather. I call this assembly work, which gives a very uniform and often flat finish to the leather, and can never match the patina and depth of color that I can achieve by starting with a piece of natural colored vegetable tanned leather that I build into a strap, then before stitching your strap I hand stain and dye each strap to the color requested by you.

Developing an aged, antiqued finish this way is time consuming and can take more than an hour per strap, but I think the results speak for themselves. Each strap is it's own very unique work of leather crafter's art and no two straps are exactly alike. Here are a few photos of a strap that I just completed for my good customer Carter. The color is called Antique French Oak. Thanks for looking:

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