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Friday, May 13, 2011

Weerut's Giant Hornback for BR02 Blue

Hi strap lovers, I wanted to show you all what a truly Giant Hornback strap looks like. This strap is make from the most prominent horned section of the Caiman to make a very impressive strap. These straps are very thick as a result of the thickness of the caiman along these area of the hide these are cut form. Actually 'hornback' is a bit of a misnomer, as these straps are cut from the upper tail section of the Caiman skin and I can only get one Giant hornback strap form each skin. This strap is made to be mounted to my customer Weerut's BR02 Blue and it stitched in 4 ply Turquoise Blue linen with a lining that is dyed a matching Turquoise blue. This dye is a custom blend that I've done to match the this thread.

One additional thing to mention about a Dangerous9 hornback strap is that it's hornback all the way down the strap unlike some strap maker that splice belly skin to the bottom of their strap and also the short side is also made from the premium Hornback just like the long side. I've seen that some strap makers also use less premium hornback skin sections or even belly skin on their short side . They do this to maximize the number of 'hornback' straps they can get from each hide, but that's not the way I make straps. If you order a Dangerous9 hornback strap, then you get hornback and nothing but hornback. Cheers!

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