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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tim's design Swiss Ammo, Dangerous9 makes it happen

From This:

To This:

Hi strap lovers. Here's a story about my good customer Tim from right here in SoCal. He's the proud owner of a Bell & Ross BR02 Carbon Pro-dial and wanted a Swiss ammo strap for it, but he has is own thoughts about what's going to look great on his watch. He asked me to make it to fit his vision - with no flaring at the lugs and just minimal stitching at the lug and at the strap. Now, I love to stitch straps, I wouldn't have designed this strap because I'm a little stuck in a rut with having to go the hole stitched strap route. Plus, since I think it's a great design, I wouldn't have though to leave out the flaring at the lugs. Here's the thing about Dangerous9straps - I make custom straps, which means that if you have an idea for a design and I think that it's technically possible for me to execute it, then I'll make the strap you want. Here's how Tim's strap turned out...awesome I think and so does Tim. If fact, most times when I've been in doubt about a design, after seeing the finished strap, I've changes my mind. This proves a couple of points 1) I'm not the visionary designer that I think myself as being and 2) A lot of my customers, like Tim, have great style and the design ability to match. It's always a joy to bring your vision into reality.

If you've got a great idea for a Swiss Ammo strap or any other watch strap that you'd like to wear on your wrist and say "this is my personal design", Dangerous9, would be happy to talk to you about it and help you bring your vision to life. Drop me an e-mail because I'm open to making any strap that I think is within my ability and love a challenge.

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