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Thursday, March 24, 2011

1917 Swiss Ammo Strap!!

It was with no little trepidation that I made the Ancient Swiss ammo pouch into a watch strap. This leather is more than 90 years old from 1917, what if the leather is too dry? What if the blade slips or my leather splitter malfunctions again and destroys this beautiful piece of history? After handling this pouch though, I was convinced the leather was in perfect condition - I've handled ammo pouches half its age that were much dryer and more prone to disintegration. And of course my blade doesn't slip and thankfully, aside from a couple of heart stopping moments, my leather splitter didn't make a hash of it. The result I think was worth all the stress. A fully function piece of history for Edward's PAM. Please take good care of this one and It'll last another 90 years and you can hand it down to your grandson one day.

Here are a list of events form 1917 to put the age of this pouch into perspective:

* In 1917, A Postage Stamp Cost 2 Cents

* Woodrow Wilson is president of the US

* US enters World War I

* Exotic Dancer Mata Hari is executed by the French for passing military secrets to the Germans

* The October Revolution establishes Lenin as the leader of the new Bolshevik government in Russia

* The Selective Service Act provides for the first national draft in the US

* The US acquires the Virgin Islands from Denmark

* John Kennedy was born

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