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I would be happy to speak with you in person on Skype!! Please feel free to look me up at john.glance!! Please reference watches, watch straps or better Dangerous9straps:-)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

1917 Swiss Ammo Strap!!

It was with no little trepidation that I made the Ancient Swiss ammo pouch into a watch strap. This leather is more than 90 years old from 1917, what if the leather is too dry? What if the blade slips or my leather splitter malfunctions again and destroys this beautiful piece of history? After handling this pouch though, I was convinced the leather was in perfect condition - I've handled ammo pouches half its age that were much dryer and more prone to disintegration. And of course my blade doesn't slip and thankfully, aside from a couple of heart stopping moments, my leather splitter didn't make a hash of it. The result I think was worth all the stress. A fully function piece of history for Edward's PAM. Please take good care of this one and It'll last another 90 years and you can hand it down to your grandson one day.

Here are a list of events form 1917 to put the age of this pouch into perspective:

* In 1917, A Postage Stamp Cost 2 Cents

* Woodrow Wilson is president of the US

* US enters World War I

* Exotic Dancer Mata Hari is executed by the French for passing military secrets to the Germans

* The October Revolution establishes Lenin as the leader of the new Bolshevik government in Russia

* The Selective Service Act provides for the first national draft in the US

* The US acquires the Virgin Islands from Denmark

* John Kennedy was born

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Gabe's Pam on Dangerous9 1940 Swiss Ammo

Hi strap lovers. My good customer Gabe was over to have his Dangerous9 1940 Swiss Ammo strap custom fitted and he was kind enough to let me take a few photos of the PAM and new strap. I think it's looking pretty good:-) My beautiful wife has been in Munich for a few months now and has made a great contact in Switzerland (She's Swiss and German and beautiful as I've said, so is very capable of charming these Swiss Army surplus guys;-) for me to get a steady supply of these ancient Swiss Ammo pouches. I've got a pile of an Swiss Ammo pouches waiting for me in Munich and will be posting a slide show of them as soon as I hit town. What the guy has come up with for me is amazing with pouched dated all the way back to 1899, 1900 and 1902, a few from the WWII era and all the way into the 1960's!! Stay tuned here for further details!! (BTW in these photos Gabes watch is on a brand new American Alligator belly skin - not even cut into yet - if you'd like to have first crack at this one contact me right away!!)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Shark Attack at Dangerous9!!

Hi strap lovers. I wanted to let everyone know that among the exotic skins that I recently picked from my field trip to one of my suppliers are a couple of really fabulous Shark skins! These were acquired and in fact the whole field trip was prompted by a request from my very good customer David from Houston, Texas, who had a desire for a Navy colored shark skin strap for his blue faced PAM Sub. I looked everywhere and checked with mu suppliers and I could not find any Shark Skin in navy blue anywhere. One of my suppliers, who happens to be local to SoCal suggested that I buy a white (undyed not white shark species) shark skin and then I could dye it any color I liked! One thing led to another and I was invited to make the trip into Marina Del Rey to his shop to check out his very large selection of exotic leathers and skins. I'll be announcing a bunch of new and very special skins that I purchased from him in the coming weeks. Right now though I ended up buying the white shark skin and a wonderful rustic brown nubuck shark as well. Both of these skins are soft, but the nu buck skin is incredibly buttery soft!! The white shark has a surface like a microscopic stingray skin as you can see from one of the photos and has a very cool texture. So, here is some photos of David's Navy Blue Shark strap and some photos of the sharks I bought.

(white sharked dyed Navy Blue - check out the Micro Texture!)
If you've got an idea for a shark strap in navy or any other color, let me know, because I can dye the white into just about any color you can imagine! And if you'd like a rustic brown shark skin strap that is so buttery soft you'll not believe it, let me know, as these skins won't last long.

Here are some photos of David's Navy blue Shark Skin with Grey linen stitching:-):

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tim's design Swiss Ammo, Dangerous9 makes it happen

From This:

To This:

Hi strap lovers. Here's a story about my good customer Tim from right here in SoCal. He's the proud owner of a Bell & Ross BR02 Carbon Pro-dial and wanted a Swiss ammo strap for it, but he has is own thoughts about what's going to look great on his watch. He asked me to make it to fit his vision - with no flaring at the lugs and just minimal stitching at the lug and at the strap. Now, I love to stitch straps, I wouldn't have designed this strap because I'm a little stuck in a rut with having to go the hole stitched strap route. Plus, since I think it's a great design, I wouldn't have though to leave out the flaring at the lugs. Here's the thing about Dangerous9straps - I make custom straps, which means that if you have an idea for a design and I think that it's technically possible for me to execute it, then I'll make the strap you want. Here's how Tim's strap turned out...awesome I think and so does Tim. If fact, most times when I've been in doubt about a design, after seeing the finished strap, I've changes my mind. This proves a couple of points 1) I'm not the visionary designer that I think myself as being and 2) A lot of my customers, like Tim, have great style and the design ability to match. It's always a joy to bring your vision into reality.

If you've got a great idea for a Swiss Ammo strap or any other watch strap that you'd like to wear on your wrist and say "this is my personal design", Dangerous9, would be happy to talk to you about it and help you bring your vision to life. Drop me an e-mail because I'm open to making any strap that I think is within my ability and love a challenge.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

It's been Exotic skins week here at Dangerous9

This week has been really fun! It's been my first complete week off my day job, and aside for starting to pack for my move to Germany, I've been making exotic skin straps this week and shoping for more exotic skins to bring all my wonderful customers (please look for photos of the newly acquired skins in a separate blog post tomorrow) I just completed 2 strap for my good customers Gaetan from France and Marc form New Jersey. Her are some slide shows of each of these straps being built and the finish straps for your viewing pleasure. If you have a watch that's begging to be upgraded with an exotic skin strap instead of that tired old leather strap you have been wearing it on (or worse - Rubber - really so pedestrian, how could you?!?!), then drop me an e-mail. I'd be happy to go through all your options and if I don't have what you're looking for in stock, I can probably get it.
Gaetan's Stingray for BR02

Gaetan's Caiman Hornback with Turquoise stitching for BR02:

Marc's Caiman Leg Skin for BR03-51 GMT - Orange lining!!:

Marc's Giant Hornback Caiman for PAM90 - Royal Blue lining!!:

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Dangerous9 Caiman skin for Cartier Santos

The Cartier Santos is a really great watch line for both men and women. I'm particularly fond of the Cartier Santos 100 XL. That watch just has a lot of presence and with the right strap can look like a million bucks. That's where Dangerous9straps comes in. My good customer Michael recently dropped off his Santo 100 XL along with a Louis Vuitton watch for me to make a couple of straps for (see the result for the LV Tambour in a previous post). We look that the skin chooses, her checks out all the Caiman skins very closely and picks a classic brown. This really delighted me, because I absolutely love this particular brown caiman and one to my great surprise (until Michael) has had the good taste and discernment to order a strap for it yet. Not onnly that he wants me to cut the strap from the skin sideways instead of the way I typically cut a strap from caiman skin, which if longways (along the length of the skin). This is a bold choice - I like bold and he's impressed me with his sense of style. Anyway, long story short, I'm really very happy with how this strap has turned out and I think it look incredible on the Santos! Michael is happy, I'm happy. If you have a Cartier Santos that could use a strap upgrade, Please let me know.