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Monday, February 28, 2011

New Dangerous9strap for Louis Vuitton Lovely Cup

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(click on images to enlarge)
Hi strap lovers. This watch is a really beautiful piece. The LV Tambour lovely Cup Chronograph is one of my favorite ladies watches and I know for a fact that my beautiful wife Andrea shares my opinion on this. My very good customer Michael dropped by the Dangerous9 production facility (my house:-) in beautiful Southern California (soon to be moved to Munich, Germany) and left me this fine looking time piece along with his Cartier Santos 100 (more on that in another post) to have a couple of strap made. So, we looked at Caiman, and Ostrich and went though possible stitch color combinations, and he decided to go with a very bold Serpentine Grey Ostrich skin with matching grey stitching. He was keen to pick a skin that would match the grey sub-dial for the Tambour Lovely Cup. I think this choice was spot on and makes for a very sexy combination.
This strap is made for a lady and is very finely stitching in 4 ply Charcoal thread using an 8 stitches per inch saddle stitch. In keeping with a recent blog posting, this too is a very finely made strap, but I think still has all the attitude that a Dangerous9strap should have. If you've got a very special watch that needs a very special strap, shoot me an e-mail to talk about it and if your happen to be local, I'd love for you to drop by to check out all your options in person, where we can design the perfect strap just for you.

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