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Friday, December 10, 2010

See What's Next:Mauser Pouches to Watch Straps

Hi all you wonderful strap lovers out there! I've been gathering these Swedish Mauser Ammo Pouches for a while and have found that I ended up with a perfect collection of the various colors. These colors go from a nice light tan to a beautifully darked Antique oiled color. I'm now ready to release these these pouches to the strap loving community for you to choose the color you'd like. The leather these pouches are made from is really wonderful and supple and the colors are really fantastic! Prices will be $165 for a standard straight strap and $175 for a Bell & Ross style strap. If you need something fancy like a special fitment for a deployment or want your strap padded, the cost would be a little extra. You're looking at 20 pouches that will basically make about 20 straps, so if you're interested in getting one don't wait too long, as these will be going fast. Cheers, and Happy Holidays!!

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