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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Dangerous9straps introduces Ostrich Leg Skins!!

Hi strap lovers and Happy New Year!! I've been on a tear recently with the introduction of Swiss, German and Swedish Ammo straps. So, I think I need to switch up and introduce a new line of Ostrich Legg skins that I have available for fabrication into beautiful Dangerous9 watch straps. I've been acquiring these from several suppliers over the last month and think I've finally got a selection that will give my customers a wonderful variety of choices. These run the gamut from brown and cognac glossy to a several wonderful matt finish colors that are buttery soft and will make some knock out straps (my particular favorite is Serpentine, a wonderful dark grey color). I've even got an awesome and soft nubuck finish in light brown. Here are a few photos of the Ostrich leg skins I have on hand and above is a slide show of all the Ostrich I have in stock. I should have some photos of newly completed straps posted up here within the month, so stay tuned. If you'd be interested in talking to me about designing a strap from any of these skins, please contact me right away to get the best selection!!

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