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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Bell & Ross BRo2

One of the greatest designed dive watches of all time, the Bell & Ross BR02 is a work of integrated genius. This is a fact that will be whole heartedly be supported by anyone that's ever had the pleasure of strapping the watch to their wrist. Form fitting and eminently comfortable; it molds itself to the wrist like no other watch I've ever owned. And, while Bell & Ross is justly famous for their square designed BR01 and BR03 series watches. The BR02 deserves a lot more attention and respect that it often receives. I was reminded of this fact while recently completing a couple of straps for the BR02 for Derek Lee, owner of Calgary Cycle/Pure Cycle and calgarycycleonline.com. I'm not at all surprised that a cyclist would own and wear this time piece: it's as streamlined as they come. Here are a few photos of Derek's straps and above is a slide show of the BR02s that I love and a number of recently completed Dangerous9strap made for this great watch. If you are fortunate to own one of these wonderful time pieces and would like to have a custom strap build, please send me an e-mail. I'd be more that happy to hear from you.

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