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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Rediscover Black and White

Here's a strap I made for my customer John from Hollywood, CA. John contacted me a couple of weeks ago. Turns out he's local and lives in Hollywood just a few miles from my wife's apartment. I agree to meet him a couple of Saturdays ago and swing by his house. He's got a nice little bungalow off Sunset Boulevard with a nice garden where we sit and have a nice chat about life and watches. Turns out he's a Brit and a film composer working for Television. It's funny, my wife is in the "business" as an independent film editor and she has quite a few composer friends. Anyway, he was looking for a strap for his Pam 111 and decides on black with white stitching. I've done quite a few Pam straps, but oddly not in this rather classic combo. As a strap maker and one that really likes to go "hog wild" with staining and "antiquing" my straps, Black leather doesn’t really offer much of a challenge from a technical perspective, so I really don't give it much thought. But I have to tell you that I really love how this strap turned out. The white stitching with the "outstitch" at the lug really looks sharp and I think my "D9" logo buckle really looks great too. I'm really looking forward to seeing it mount to that Pam 111.

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