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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ladies watch straps - I've been keeping my ear to the ground and my eye (both when I can spare them) on the strap market for a while now and I seems like there are just not very many custom watch straps made for the ladies and their Panerai, Rolex, Breitling, Bell & Ross and Chopard, Channel, etc. Now I know that the ladies are a minority among the WIS (sadly so), but they should still have some choices for custom watch straps. I recently pickup a new Pam 51 for my beautiful and talented wife Andrea and even though this model comes with a really great Stainless Steel bracelet (which she prefers to a strap - drat her! She's a mother to our 2 yr and 4 month old Daughter Amelie. She [our daughter] is starting to potty train - so SS Bracelet is very practical choice for mom). Even so - I'm a strap maker. I make straps and I wear my straps - it's free advertising. I want my wife to wear my straps too on occasion anyway :-) So I made her my first strap that was made to be worn just by her and to the smaller proportions of a lady. Here it is. She likes it and says she will wear it at least on occasion. I think it's hot and I'm going to try to get a wrist shot of her wearing it very soon. :-)

Just a quick thank you to all my wonderful customers that have been kind enough to post photos of their Dangerous9 straps on the various forums. It's really incredible to see that my customers are so excited about their new straps that they'll take the time to talk up my work. To all of you who have done so, thank you, thank you, Thank You. Word of mouth (or keyboard) is truly the best advertisment in the world of watch lovers.