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Monday, April 9, 2018

The Dangerous9straps' Watch and Travel Roll in Pebbled Mocca Leather with Grey Suede lining

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Hi Strap Lovers! I am very happy to announce the arrival of the Dangerous9straps Watch and Strap Travel Roll. Designed in-house.  These Travel Rolls are available in 9 wonderful full leather combinations with beautiful leathers on the outside and with soft and supple suede leather interiors. The Travel Roll featured here is in Pebbled Mocca leather with Grey Suede interior lining.

All our Travel Rolls feature great natural vegetable tanned saddle leather strap and solid brass buckle closure. The Dangerous9straps'  Watch and Strap Travel Rolls are designed by me and have been wonderfully handcrafted for us to the very highest standard right here in Bavaria. Built to hold 2 watches (can accommodate up to 52mm watch case) and 4 additional straps or alternatively 8 straps, these also feature a tool pocket for your screwdriver or spring bar too as well as strips of matching suede leather to put between the watch case and bracelet for braceleted watches.

Priced at 195 Euro (exclusive of VAT) Plus 25 Euro for shipping
Pricing including VAT (Sales only within the EU) is 232.05 Euro, plus 25 Euro of shipping.

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