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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Newly Arrived: Commando Grey SuperMatte Teju Lizard in 22mm lug width

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Hi strap lovers, I know I've been posting a lot of Teju Lizard straps recently, and this post is going to be a continuation of that trend.  The strap in question is our newly arrived Commando Grey SuperMatte Teju Lizard.  This color and finish is a Dangerous9straps' exclusive having been developed just for us in collaboration with our Italian Tannery.  This strap represents the latest addition to our Manufacture Collection straps.  Beautifully handcrafted for us in Italy, these straps have all the great built features of our Dangerous9straps bespoke straps:  Thick padding at the lugs, vegetable tanned saddle leather mid-layer for strength and long strap life and black Kangaroo Gloving leathers lining for extreme moisture tolerance and durability.  These straps like every dangerous9strap ever made has been hand saddle stitched using the highest quality French Milled linen thread (in this case in cream white).   However, knowing that my customers love little extra customizable touches, we have ordered a few of these strap with no stitching,  So for a small charge, I can stitch your strap in any color you prefer!

I think the combined attributes of these straps is second to none and are in every detail worth of the Dangerous9straps name.  I think these straps will look great on any number of watches that take 22mm straps including Breitling, Omega and IWC just to name a few.

For pricing on these or any other straps you see here, please e-mail me at: Dangerous9straps@gmail.com

As you can see, it's been modeled here on a Breitling Sea Wolf and it looks great!

Width: 22/20mm,
Length: 125/80mm (to fit wrists measuring 6.75 to 7.75 inches) 
Exterior: Commando Grey SuperMatte Teju Lizard
Mid-layer and padding: Vegetable tanned saddle leather
Lining leather: 'Bok' patterned black Kangaroo Gloving leather
Buckle: 20mm - 'D9' Logo pin buckle with your choice of brushed or Polished finish.


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