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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

A Peak Inside the Dangerous9straps' Private Reserve - Ancient Swiss Ammo Pouches -We Have Them from 1898!!






Hi strap lovers.  I have just receive a shipment of very rare Ancient Swiss Ammunition Pouches from which to made your customer Swiss Ammo straps!  The manufacture of these pouches were ordered by the Swiss military from between about the late 1890's through the 1920's and were contracted from Swiss saddlers throughout Switzerland. The stamping show on these straps are the original maker and date stamping of the Swiss saddlers that made the pouches and a small stamping with a Swiss cross, which is Swiss government inspection stamp.







As you might expect, price made from these pouches will not be inexpensive, (after all they're
​80 ​to more than 100 years old).  However, the results I have gotten from straps made from these ancient leather is extremely good, being very high quality leather and of course these straps will be entirely unique as well.

Pouch Dated 1898!!

(Pouch Dated 1898!!)

 The color of these pouches tend from the medium mahogany to very chocolate brown, however, surprisingly some of them are quite a light antiqued tan color.   Please note: the lighter colored pouches from this this group will tend to darken slightly when I saddle soap to clean and condition the leather during the strap making process.

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