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Monday, June 19, 2017

3 New Colors of Teju Lizard For Your Custom Strap Pleasure!!

Hi Strap Lovers,
I am very happy to announce the arrival of the latest back of exclusive Teju Lizard skins in exclusive bespoke colors for our Italian Tannery partner.  This batch consists of 3 colors - 1 standard finish and 2 SuperMatte finishes for your custom strap making pleasure.

The standard satin finish (with just a bit of a shine) in a beautiful Tobacco Brown.  If you're looking for a classy strap for a classy watch, this Tobacco Brown would be a really great choice.  This color is a bespoke for and exclusive to Dangerous9strap from our Italian Tannery partner base upon a hand dyed sample that I made for them, so we can be sure the color is really great.

This Tobacco is will be added to the many exclusive colors we currently stock: Racing Black, Walnut, Racing Tan, Steel Blue

Here is a strap make made from a hand dyed version of this color.  I think it looks very classy:

The 2 SuperMatte options are again bespoke for us based upon hand dyed samples I've provided and again are just outstanding.  I'm super please with both the Commando Grey and Orange colors and think these will work wonderfully well both for the outside of straps as well as for linings.  The SuperMatte finish from our Tannery is essentially waterproof, so these make for excellent and extremely durable lining options for these in warmer climates of who tent to perspire a lot, as the moisture blocking properties of this finish prevents the the absorption of moisture into the strap, which is a major cause of leather discoloration, and drying and cracking of watch strap linings.

These colors are added to the other successful colors: Carbon Black, Blue, Red and Walnut

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