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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Undyed American Alligator a New Addition to our Veneto Collection Alligators

From This:

To This: 

Hi strap Lovers.  It seems we're adding new material to our offerings lately on almost a weekly basis. So much so that I've been struggling to keep up with them on the blog.  I'm very excited to let all my followers know that I've just pickup 2 new undyed American Alligator hides from our Italian leather suppliers on our last 2 day loop through bella Italia.  What does this mean to you?  It means that now I can offer custom dyed Alligator straps is just about every imaginable color.  Turquoise Blue, Red, Orange, Pink, Purple, Yellow, Green, Olive Drab, , Light Tan, Dark Tan, Charcoal Grey, you name it and I can probably do it.  And of course this means one of our most popular color treatments is back with a vengeance - Hand Antiqued Alligator.  And Since I'm starting out from an entirely undyed skin, I can have complete control over the final color.  If you have a special color of Alligator you would like for your strap, please contact me and I will try my best to match it.

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