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Sunday, September 13, 2015

New Kangaroo Leathers for our 'Outback Collection'

Top to Bottom: Mahogany, Ebony and Saddle


(Click on any photo to enlarge)
Hi strap lovers. I am happy to announce that we have just received 3 new colors and finishes of Kangaroo to add to our ever growing offering of Australian Kangaroo. Here is a slide show of the complete 'Outback Collection'. These leathers, which being quite elegant are also know to be among the strongest of all leather available today. being used of MotoGP racing suits, gloves and boots. These leathers are very moisture tolerant and have a very high tensile strength and are highly abrasion resistant. Here is a slide show of recently completed custom 'Outback Collection' straps for your review.

These new Kangaroo leather offerings arr tanned by Incas.it, one of Italy's finest tanneries. Located in Tuscany in the town of Castelfranco di Sotto which is about half way between Florence and Pisa, these leathers have an absolutely beautiful waxy finish with a slight milled grain pattern and would be equally suitable for both the outside and the lining of your watch strap. Happily, these leathers are vegetable tanned, while still being very soft and would therefore be perfect as linings for those with sensitivity to chrome tanned leathers.

Here is what it says in the Incas.it website :

Incas represents the essence of the Vegetable tanning philosophy.

Naturalness, “industrial craftsmanship” and technical expertise make it possible for this division to produce leather that is unique in its category.

Our field has always been Vegetable tanning, and it is in this sector that we have achieved our greatest success. We have never stopped studying and experimenting, and our constant efforts have resulted in the creation of “HI-Co”: a production line for high-end apparel, footwear and leather goods that is “Metal-Free”, whose technical characteristics satisfy the most stringent markets in terms of eco-compatibility.

Incas vegetable tanned Mahogany: Is a beautiful deep red/brown with light mill grained finish and waxy hand with great vintage color tones:

Incas vegetable tanned Ebony: Is a beautiful deep black color with light mill grained finish and waxy hand:

Incas vegetable tanned Saddle: Is a beautiful light tan color with light mill grained finish and waxy hand:

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