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Saturday, August 1, 2015

New colors French of Linen Thread - FIL AU CHINOIS CABLÉ LINEN THREAD

Hi strap lovers,  I have been adding new materials in order to offer our customers a greater variety of leathers, linings and thread color as such a pace recently that I've not been able to keep up postings on the blog to let you know what we have.  This post will focus on newly added thread I have recently received from Sajou, our French supplier of Fil Au Chinois Cable' Linen Thread.  This thread is really the finest available linen and the choice for all premium handmade leather goods.  Manufacturers such as Hermes use these threads on their hand stitch bags, so you know it's the very best you can buy.  And while I could by nylon thread for a very small fraction of the price, this would not be in keeping with Dangerous9straps ethos of making straps using only the very best materials available.  My preference is for their finer gauge thread No. 632 - .51mm thickness (shown here) for most of our straps, especially Exotic leather straps, although on thicker more rugged straps such and Ammo leather or straps featuring Tribal stitching,  I recommend thicker gauge threads.

Medium Green:


Emergency Orange:

Red Hot:

Racing Yellow:


Hot Pink:


Fine Gauge Metallic thread: 
 Old Gold/Bronze, Yellow Gold and Silver

Here is a of all our in-stock collection of linen threads from France, Austria, Germany and Ireland:
dangerousjohn's Thread Colors album on Photobucket

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