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Friday, July 17, 2015

Pearlized Alligator Hides - Great for ladies straps!!

Hi Strap lovers, I've been looking for some beautiful baby Pink and Blue Alligator for a while for my small but dedicated lady clientele and on our trip to Milan last week was lucky enough to find these stunning Pearlized Alligators at our premium Alligator supplier France Croco.  The colors are bright and perfect and have a beautiful pearlized finish that I believe like our SuperMatte Carbon Alligators will be super durable as well.  I think these colors will be a great match to both Stainless Steel and Gold watches and would look great with either white, matching blue or Pink or even our recently added Metallic Gold or Silver thread.  These hide are relatively small as well so the scales would be the perfect size for ladies straps, which are often narrow.   I know these are going to be hot sellers, so if you're interested in getting a strap make in either, please contact me right away!!

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