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Friday, July 3, 2015

2 Custom Straps for IWC Big Pilot 5009 with 'Thick Curved Lug System'

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Hi strap lovers.  I just completed a couple of straps from my good customer Craig from California (oh how I miss home).  He has seen my pictorial post of a strap on a Big Pilot that I had done a while back with a Jurassic Chocolate African Goat from our Safari Collection and liked it so much that he bought a Big Pilot for himself so that he could have a similar combination.  He ended up working on a couple of designs for his new BP.  One of course being the Jurassic Chocolate and the other being a matte black Ostrich Leg skin strap.  The twist that he designed, have a continuous width of 22mm, are nice and that, having padding at the lugs (flat, square profile as is typical for the IWC straps) and with the Mitered strap tip.  The twist being he chose to have his straps made with our 'Thick Curved Lug System' (TCLS) for an integrated fit to the watch case between the lugs.  This upgrade lends a really unique custom look to his straps and makes (I think) a really great combination with the Big Pilot 5009.    Both of these straps are lined with our Tripon Kid skin for durability and a luxury feel on the wrist and hand saddle stitched with our French Ecru and Cream White thread.  All in all, I think these straps look about perfect with the watch.  I happen to have my friend Ingo's (of FineWatch Buckles.com fame) handsome BP 5009 on hand at the moment and took the rare opportunity to put them on and take the photos you see here (too many photos I know, but they were all so nice I couldn't decide from among them).  This will definitely be our 'Watch of the Week'.

IWC 5009 on Chocolate Jurassic African Goat:

IWC BP 5009 on Matte Black Ostrich:

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