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Monday, June 15, 2015

Stingray Row Stones Straps Now Available!!

Navy Row Stone Stingray

Navy Row Stone Stingray

Black/Grey Row Stone Stingray

Black/Grey Row Stone Stingray

Black/Grey Row Stone Stingray
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Hi strap lovers.  We are happy to announce that we now offer Stingray with row stones.  These hides are unique and expensive, and make wonderful straps.  Currently we offer these in Black/Grey and Navy Polished only, however, If you are interested in another color, I would be happy to check with our Italian exotic skins supplier to check availability.  best of all since the pearl pattern of these skins are entirely unique, no two straps made from these hides will be exactly the same.

Thanks to Dave in the UK for these photos of his Panerai paired with his Row Stone strap!!

General information about Stingray from Dangerous9:
Stingray has a unique surface that is unlike that of any other leather. The surface is composed of small, hard calcium deposits that give the leather a rough but glassy touch. Stingray has exceptional surface durability; it is very resistant to scrapes and scratches and retains its appearance with very little care required. Due to the composition of the surface, ​it is and ideal material for watch straps.

We offer a huge selection of Stingray colors and finishes. Finishes are available in Natural pebble, high shine polished and matte sanded finish. Your strap can be ordered also be ordered with the central eye (of natural pebbled stingray), central Pearls (for high shine and sanded matte), We also offer Row Stone Stingray with high shine or Matte finishes. The Matte finish is exclusive to Dangerous9straps and offers a more subdued, less flashy finish. Due to the bone like nature of Stingray, it is among the most durable Materials we offer.

Here is a slide show of our current in-stock Stingray skins together with a slide show of completed custom Stingray straps for your review.​ We offer two finish options for the polished stingray: the standard high shine, as it arrives from the tannery or our custom sanded Matte finish, which offers a more subdued, less flashy finish.
Please note, we don't offer stitching in Stingray straps.

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