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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Skull Rivet Available for your Dangerous9strap!

Hi strap lovers, we have made a number of straps with skull rivets over the past year or two and have collected 3 different designs at our customer's request, which you can order for your Dangerous9strap.  Up to now we have only used these rivet in ammo straps, which makes sense, in that they tend to go very well with the rustic design of this style strap.  However, we can add these rivets as an accent to straps made from just about any material (with the exception of  Hornback Alligator, Stingray and straps that feature padding at the lugs) and think these could look really cool with any of our Exotic skin straps as well.  Also, while these example straps all feature accent stitching, there is no reason that these couldn't have made with full saddle stitching as well.

If you have an idea for a strap featuring this fun and unique hardware, please let me know, I would be happy to work out a design with you.

Antique Bronze finish Skull Rivet 10mmx14mm:


Silver finish Skull & Cross Bones 12mmx12mm
shinny or matte finish:

Newly arrived: Antique Silver finish skulls 16mmX10mm:

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