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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Newly arrived Kangaroo leathers for luxurious, durable strap linings!!

Hi strap lovers.  I'm really excited to share with your photos of our newly arrived Kangaroo leathers from Australia!!  These leathers are all beautiful and rival our French Lambskin for softness (seriously I'm talking buttery softness here!!) while at the same time being much stronger and more durable that either cow's leather or lambskin.  These leathers are 'Gloving' leather, which means they are tanned to be the softest most supple leathers available.  And since they are design and tanned for using in glove are tanned to be safe against the skin as well.  These leathers will be used as default linings in our upcoming production straps.

Black Clone: Black with really great small swirly pattern:

Cargo: Beautiful dark Olive color - super soft and suppler and of course incredibly strong:

Bok Black: Has a really wonderful small random spots pattern:

Black Motorcycle leather: Matte black and super soft and supple:

 Chocolate: Just like the Black Motorcycle leather but in a dark brown color:

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