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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

First Custom strap for IWC Ingenieur!!

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Hi strap lovers, I've very excited to share a few photos from my good customer Alex of this IWC Ingenieur Mission Earth on his just completed Dangerous9 Alligator strap.  This is the first strap I've made for an Ingenieur and I must admit that I was concerned about getting the fit right, but since Alex was kind enough to gift me with his old strap, and after closely examining it, am much more confident that I can build straps for the Ingenieur with a fitment that is up to our high standard.

The strap I make is very special because it's also the first strap I've made using our recently arrived Verona Gold Alligator from our 'Veneto Collection' Alligator hides.  The Veneto Collection Alligators are from our Northern Italian base tanneries and are of a very high quality from a region of Italy famous for tanned exotic leathers to the very highest standard.  This strap features a vegetable Kangaroo Leather mid-layer at the lugs (to provide extra strength at this critical stress area) and running the entire length of the strap for strength.  Also featuring our beautifully tanned Nubuck 'Outback' Brown Grain Kangaroo lining and super fine hand saddle stitching using our finest French  Fil Au Chinois Lin Cable thread.  This strap is I think you'll agree, stunning on Alex's Mission Earth and is without question our 'Watch of the Week'.  Thanks again Alex for these great photographs!!!

1 comment:

  1. Excuse me,

    Will this rubber strap fit a IWC AMG Titanium Chronograph?

    I am looking for a strap that will fit my IW3725-04/03...