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Friday, November 14, 2014

An Appreciation of Tribal Stitching

(Saddle Tan with Black Tips Cane Toad with Coco Linen stitching)

(Ebony Ostrich/Black Tribal stitching)
(Click on any photo to enlarge)
Hi strap lovers, I've not made many straps with tribal stitching, being a dedicated fan of saddle stitching, the tribal stitching seemed a bit of a fad for my naturally traditional tastes.  However, Have made a fair few of the straps in the last year, I must admit that I'm coming around to a fuller appreciation of the style.  The straps I've made that featured the admittedly more rustic stitching style I've invariably really liked especially when I've seen the resulting straps mounted up with their intended watches.  Also if the correct gauge of thread is used - not to thick of that the strap looks clunky and definitely not too thin so that the exposed threads are too easily damaged, and when paired with a high quality exotic leather, these straps look surprisingly elegant ..with just the right amount of rustic feel.  Of course, these straps wouldn't qualify as dressy exactly, they can certainly can be considered for more a more classy casual dress that more of us wear these days.

No in honor of the Stitch Tribal, here are a few photos and slide shows featuring this rather unique stitch pattern.

(Espresso Kangaroo with Steel Grey Tribal for BR01)

(Saffron Alligator with Dark Olive Tribal for PAM

(Chocolate Brown with Black Tips Cane Toad with Earth Grey Tribal for Speak Marin)

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