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Friday, May 30, 2014

Swiss Ammo leather Key Fobs with HK Snap hooks

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Hi strap lovers.  Here is a new project I've been ask many times and have finally put together.  These are Swiss Ammo leather Key Fobs with HK Style snap hooks.  Ours shown here feature Authentic vintage Swiss Ammo leather and are hand saddle stitch with the same great quality linen thread we use for our famous Dangerous9 Swiss Ammo straps.  Featuring matching matte black D-rings and split key rings.  This is just a preview, I'm going to be offering these on a permanent basis and am expecting receipt of a batch of these high quality Snap hook with our 'D9' logo in the next week.  Here is the deal, these will be available for purchase with your choice of Swiss Ammo leather color, and stitch color for 55 € (all prices exclude VAT and shipping costs)or if you order with a Swiss Ammo strap, they'll be priced at 35 € So you'll same 20 € on a really great combo! Order yours today!

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