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Friday, May 2, 2014

Antique Mahogany with Padding and out 'Thick Curved Lug System' a Classic from Day 1

Here is a strap I completed for a customer a couple of months ago and can't believe I've not posted here yet.  I guess with all that's going with Baselworld watch fair and our deep backlog it's hard to keep track.  This strap was build for a customer's PAM111 and I think the hand stained Antique Mahogany finish combined with thick padding and our 'Thick Curved Lug System' (TCLS) to give the strap an integrated fitment to the PAM watch case just turned our amazing.  In fact, I think it's perhaps one of the best leather straps I've ever made.  Even my wife Andrea couldn't stop raving about it - and trust me, she's hard to impress:-).  I even took the strap down to our local Panerai boutique here in Munich where the staff was kind enough to let me put the strap on one of their watches and snap a couple of photos (seriously, if you're ever in Munich, you should stop by the Munich Panerai boutique - and say hello to the wonderful staff).

This strap, like all straps from our Vegetable tanned leather series, started as natural cream colored vegetable tanned tooling leather. After the strap has been built, the coloring process begins.   The Antique Mahogany finish you see here is one of our most complete leather finishes, consisting of as many as 12 separate staining, Dyeing and top coat stages, all done my hand and it can't be rushed.  The result is a strap finish that is astonishingly elegant and entirely unique and with depth of color that is simply not available from any other strap maker.

When the strap coloring and top coats have all been completed and dried, the strap is then hand saddle stitched - in this case using our finest 4 ply waxed linen thread.

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