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Saturday, March 22, 2014

1980's Vintage Swiss Army Gaiter leather straps

Hi strap lovers.  I wanted to share a couple of straps (1 for Panerai and 1 for Omega) made form a Leather Swiss Army boot Gaiters.  This is a really great leather with a pebble grained texture and jet black in color.  The original finish of this leather is a sort of rubberized paint, which I think was intended to make the Gaiters watcher resistant for trooping through snow in the Swiss Alps and the leather seems also to have been infused with silicone or some such to prevent it from absorbing water.  In any case it's a really great leather to make watch straps from and these straps are surprisingly soft and supple.  The examples you see here are unstitched as per my customer's request, but of course, can certainly be stitched in any color you prefer.  I can tell by the feel of this leather and by working with it, that these are going to be very durable and hard wearing strap in spite of their softness and so are a perfect choice for someone looking for black ammo leather with texture but much more durability than the very much older and sometimes for fragile German Ammo leather.  These straps are made with tradition Ammo build construction with Tri-fold construction on the short side and the long side strap being lined with our vegetable tanned 'Nero' 'Tuscan Collection' leather, which is also extremely soft and durable.

Strap for PAM:

Strap for Omega PO:

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