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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Anjelika's Breitling Galactic 36 Automatic on Tourbe Brune Alligator

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Hi strap lovers.  Our friend Anjelika from here in Graefelfing was given this beautiful Breitling Galactic 36 Automatic by her husband, but it came on a really chunky man sized strap that did no suit her at all - being way to long and way to thick to fit here womanly proportioned wrist.  On a quick visit to my Werkstatt, she was able to design an new strap from my wide selection of leathers and exotic skin that I think she's really going to love.  The strap she chose was Tourbe Brune Alligator from our ultra premium American Alligator supplier - France Croco. She also chose to have her strap made with our 'SuperExotica' upgrade with Ebony Eel skin lining and Super fine hand saddle stitching with matching French linen thread.  I think it's a real beauty.

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