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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Swiss Army Rucksack Canvas and Vintage leather straps - Uniquely Dangerous9straps

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Hi strap lovers, I wanted to share a section of our unique and exclusively designed Canvas straps made from a 1950's vintage Swiss Army Rucksack Canvas and leather Rucksack.  This basic design was a result of a collaboration between myself with friend and longtime customer Gabe Alvarez from Sunny Southern California.  From the first strap completed, I knew it was going to be an instant classic.  Here is a selection of different strap and styles.  These straps are among the most technically challenging to build consisting of 4 separate layers of leather and canvas: 1) Top Vintage leather trim layer. 2) Canvas layer. 3) Natural vegetable tanned leather mid-layer, which gives the strap strength and Body and 4) The vintage layer inner lining layer.  Of course the strap is then hand saddle stitching using fine linen thread.  The detail work on this strap is unlike anything you will fine from any other strap maker - the keeper along can take an hour to build and stitch - detail that is uniquely Dangerous9strap!!

Black and Butterscotch for BR01 Heritage:

 For Rob's Benarus Bronze:

For Panerai 243:

For BR03:



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