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Sunday, December 1, 2013

WERENBACH Watches - Zurich Brand Launch will feature Dangerous9straps!

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Hi strap lovers.  When WERENBACH watches asked us to design a special line of straps for their brand launch we were very excited.  This being the first brand launch we've contributed to and so when Patrick Hohmann, the WERENBACH company founder made the trip up from Zurich to show me his prototype watches, we were doubly excited.  Every WERENBACH watch case is made from recovered steel or Aluminum from a Soyuz rockets. The story behind the acquisition of these metals and the effort required to transform then into watch cases, is epic and is the subject of a book and video and is also outlined on the WERENBACH website.  The design of  these watches is really great as well with very minimal design elements.  Being manufactured to the highest standard, they exhibit a very sophisticated look and feel.
The strap designs Patrick and I arrived upon are a perfect match to the subtle design of his watches with muted colors, stitchless construction and great textures featuring Ebony Teju Lizard, Ostrich Leg and Shark Skin, as well as our exclusive African Buffalo, African Sheep, and Nubuck 'Outback' carbon grain Kangaroo leathers.  All of these straps is also lined with our exclusive 'Outback' Carbon grain Kangaroo for great comfort and durability.   We send a big thanks to Patrick Hohmann for the opportunity to be a part of this exciting new watch brand and wish him best success with his brand launch in Zurich this weekend!!

The Rocket!

The Straps!!

WERENBACH SRE Chronograph Classic

Hand Stitched Nato Strap - 'All Black'

WERENBACH SRE Chronograph Black Edition

Ebony African Buffalo

Ebony Shark Skin

'Outback' Carbon Grain Nubuck Kangaroo

Dirty Denim African Sheep

WERENBACH logo on 'Outback' Carbon Kangaroo Nubuck lining

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