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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Vintage Swiss Army leather Nato on Revue Thommen Instrument

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Hi strap lovers.  Just sharing so photos I made today of my Revue Thommen Instrument watch on a Vintage Swiss Army leather Nato strap.  I had been wearing this strap on my Bell & Ross BR02 for the past couple of years, but I wanted to switch things up.  The leather is from a 1951 Swiss Army Courier Bag, which I have just enough of to make a few more straps.  I use an almost identical Swiss Army Courier bag dated 1940 daily and find the leather so beautiful, I won't cut up another one.  The leather is well broken in and buttery soft.  This strap is hand saddle stitched with Olive Drab 4 ply waxed Irish linen.  I think this combo looks pretty slide. 

Revue Thommen is a storied watch brand that's little know these days, but is still making fine watches and has a rich history including making actual aircraft instrument clocks and altimeters, since the 1930's, and so have a true history (unlike some watch brands who have basically made up having a history in aviation from whole cloth).  Revue Thommen has a genuine history that many other watch brands would kill to have.  I really like this watch because the dial is an exact copy of their actual cock pit instrument clock that is still in common use today in both military and civilian aircraft

Actual Revue Thommen Cockpit clock

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