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Monday, December 30, 2013

Introducing our Newest Leather Straps Collection: Tascan Collection

Hi Strap lovers,  We are happy to announce our newest leather series straps: the 'Tuscan Collection'.  These leather have recently arrived from our tannery in Tuscany that we just love, they are all naturally vegetable tanned leather in the traditional Italian style that's been used for hundreds of years and results in extremely high quality leathers that are superior in depth of color and suppleness and that are 'living' leathers that will gain in patina over the years.

While our initial offering will consist of 5 colors and finishes, with our own additional Antiquing and Dyed will render at least 10 different colors and finishes.Additionally, when combined with are ever growing collection of linen threads from Ireland, France, Germany and Austria, and with our different stitch design patterns, you will in-fact have hundreds of possible strap design combinations!  Perhaps most exciting, these straps will have the lowest price of any of our straps on offer.  For details on pricing and options for your watch, please contact me right away!

We also just received for addition to our Tuscan Collection, a smooth, waxy finish calf skin in black We are calling 'Nero Cerato' or 'Waxy Black' that I think is stunning. This leather is smooth with a heavily waxed tannage that reminds me of cordovan leather and has a nice semi-gloss satin finish. The waxy tannage should offer good water repellency It's thin and so can be easily made into dress straps and straps with Padding and our 'Thick Curved Lug System' upgrade and would be made with a separate lining of your choice.


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