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Friday, October 11, 2013

Fall colors: Vintage Tan Brogue watch strap

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Hi strap lovers.  I've been dreaming of  building a Dangerous9straps Brogue watch strap for over a year now to match my beloved Grenson Fred boots, but I couldn't quite imagine a solution to make the design elegant enough to add to the Dangerous9straps lineup.  Then out of the blue, while walking in our beautiful Bavarian countryside enjoying our Fall colors, it hit me: incorporate the brogue detailing into the top layer leather and wrap it around to make the lining as well. this solution combined with a with a the leather mid-layer which also functions as a the background leather for the brogue detail is the perfect solution! And will also allow for the use of different leather colors and textures to use as a background for the brogue detailing (yes, two tone brogue straps are in the Dangerous9straps pipeline).  This design both elegant and keeps the strap from being too think.  This strap is hand dyed Burnished Tan with handmade brogue details and super fine hand saddle stitching using 3 ply walnut stitching.  For now, enjoy your fall colors!

Watch: Panerai 351
Scarf: Harris Tweed
Boots: Grenson Freds - Tan
Strap: Dangerous9straps' Burnished Tan

Here is the complete slide show:
dangerousjohn's PAM351 on Brogue strap album on Photobucket

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