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Monday, May 20, 2013

1960's Swiss Ammo straps!!

(Please Click on any photo to enlarge)

Hi strap lovers, I wanted to share some of last weeks production of 1960's Swiss Ammo straps.  These Swiss Ammo pouches make for wonderful straps and while these are all for Panerai watches I do make each strap custom and so can make one for just about any watch that takes a strap of at least 18mm at the lugs. Of course Dangerous9straps also offers straps from Swiss Ammo pouches dated from Pre-1960 - in fact have been know to make straps from Swiss Ammo pouches dating all the way back to 1899, so if you're looking for a specific date, please don't hesitate to ask.  Below the group shots, you find slide shows of each of these straps photographed using a vintage Swiss Army field telephone dated from 1940, which I was lucky to come by in my travels and I absolutely love.  This Old field telephone is in incredible condition and even came this a set of 4 dry batteries that require water to activate.  Although, since I can't call anyone, and have only a sketchy idea of how the phone operates, I won't try my luck - I have a fantasy that perhaps I could speak with a Swiss solder from the 1940's (Idea for movie script trademarked;-)

Cedric's 1965 Swiss Ammo for PAM:
dangerousjohn's Cedrics 1965 Swiss Ammo for PAM000 album on Photobucket

Anton's 1965 Swiss Ammo for PAM:
dangerousjohn's Antons 1965 Swiss Ammo strap for PAM album on Photobucket

Louis's 1965 Swiss Ammo for PAM:
dangerousjohn's Louis 1965 Swiss Ammo strap for PAM album on Photobucket

Mark's 1965 Swiss Ammo strap for PAM:
dangerousjohn's Marks 1965 Swiss Ammo strap for PAM312 album on Photobucket

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