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Friday, November 23, 2012

My Newly Arrived Kaventsmann Bathyal Bronze No. 19

Hi strap lovers.  This post is not really about a strap but about my newly arrived Kaventsmann Bathyal Bronze No. 19.  I bought this watch from my very good customer Jon from Canada, who was kind enough to allow me the opportunity to own a watch that I've been admiring for a while, but had never expected to own, since it was manufactured in an extremely limited run of 20 pieces.  I must say that I'm completely in love with this watch.  Kaventsmann's are, like Dangerous9straps, entirely handmade here in Germany and show incredible care and craftsmanship that can only be achieved by some one who's passionate about his or her craft.  I feel extremely lucky to have the opportunity to own this materpiece of hand craftmanship.  If you like this watch, you should really checkout the Kaventsmann Uhren website and/or Kaventsmann Uhren Facebook page.  Pricing of  of Micha's watches (the man behind Kaventsmann brand) are extraordinarily reasonable considering the handmad nature of his work and I would expect that as his watches become more well known, will without doubt become highly prized with collectors.  I found a strap to use as a temporary strap that's an original early Dangerous9 strap that I had stitched in heavy 7 ply waxed linen thread and it really looks great for now until I can make a custom D9 Swiss Ammo strap.  This strap is so early that I had not signed or serial numbered the strap, which means that it was amoung the first I ever made.  I think the large stitching and nice dark brown really works with the beefy Kave watch.   I have a very special 1903 pouch set aside and think it will look great made into a very special handmade strap for this very special handmade watch.

See my full slide show here:

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