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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Vincenzo's Omega Speedmaster on Ostrich Leg Skin with Very Special Sea Snake lining

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Hi strap lovers. I would like to share with you some great photos of a Dangerous9strap that we've recently completed for my very good customer Vincenzo from Barcelona. I've made several straps for Vincenzo over the past few months making custom straps for his really nice watch colloction. When Vincenzo contacted me to build something really special for his Vintage Omega Speedmaster, we desided on Ostrich leg skin (having already build a Antiqued Tobacco American Alligator strap for his Pamerai and Medium Brown Alligator for his Tag Monaco). But he really wanted a lining that would key off the yellow vintaged dial markers of his beautiful speedy. Casting around for options, he once again set on our 'SuperExotica' upgrade using our mustard colored Sea Snake, which is a really fun choice and makes for an eye poping strap. Another very special option he requested is our 'Thick Curved Lug System' which is designed to fill the gap between the lugs that would otherwise exist with a standard straight end strap and give the strap a very custom look snugged right up againts the watch case giving the impression of the strap being much more integrated with with watch. I think you'll agree that combined with the thick padding at the lugs, this strap could never be mistaken for an 'off the shelf' strap. Finely hand saddle stitched using 3 ply, natural Ecru colored, waxed Irish Linen, this strap represents the ultimate bespoke watch strap.

(Love this movement!!)

See the complete slide show:

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