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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

280 years worth of Swiss Ammo leather straps!

From the top: Rich's 1965 for PAM, Stephan's 1953 for PAM343 and Mar's 1944 for Armida A4

Top down: Marc's '44 for Armida A4, Marco's 1952 for PAM320 and Doug's '66 for PAM243

Hi strap lovers, I wanted to share with you some recently completed Dangerous9straps Swiss Ammo straps for my good customers: Marc, Stephan, Marco, Rich and Doug. All but Marc's 1944 Swiss Ammo strap (for Armida A4) are for various Panerai watches and as photos to these straps come filtering back to me, as I hope they will do, of course, I will share them here with you. First some group shots then the individual slide show:

The key Chains

Stephan's 1953 Swiss Ammo for Pam343

Marc's 1944 Swiss Ammo for Armida A4:

Doug's 1966 Swiss Ammo for PAM243:

Marco's 1952 Swiss Ammo for PAM320:

Rich's 1965 Swiss Ammo for PAM

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