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Friday, May 18, 2012

Ebony Eel skin/center seam for Graham Silverstone

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Hi strap lovers, here is a Dangerous9straps , completed earlier this month that I want to share with you. My good customer Scott from the US, had ordered a similar strap from our 'Weekender Series' Nubuck leather for his Graham Silverstone that was a featured here a while ago. He liked it so much, that he requested I build on in Ebony Eel skin (this is the first time we've used Eel skin for the outer layer and on just as a strap lining - and I think it's turned out great!). This one is also lined in Eel skin and I think is a really great looking strap and I think will look great on Scott's Graham. This strap posed a number of technical challenges: First the Eel skin, while very strong is supper thin and so to give the top layer a little more bulk especially around the Spring bars, I backed it with a very thin layer of vegetable tanned leather. Second, since the center seam creates bulk at the center seam, I had to split the padding to make room for the stitching. Third, the white accent stitching was built into the strap and stitched through behind the padding and the mid-layer, so keeping it from getting soiled during the remainder of the build was paramount, Because removing them and re-stitching is not possible since they are between the glued padding and mid-layers of the strap (This is not ideal, however, it's the only way to avoid the discomfort of the stitching knots being directly under the thin Eel skin lining). Third, I had to add a mid-layer down the entire length of the strap to strengthen the strap and give it enough thickness especially at the long side end where the buckle interfaces the strap. Fifth, building a curved lug into the strap to provide the best possible fitment to the Graham Silverstone case. All together, this strap is made up of 5 seperate layer of leather: 1) Ebony Eel skin top layer. 2) leather backing layer. 3) Padding layer. 4) Full length mid-layer. 5) Ebony Eel skin lining. Not bad for a strap that is 21mm wide and about 6mm thick at the lug and tappers to about 3mm thick at the buckle.

See the completed strap slide show:

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