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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Swiss Army Courier Bag NATO strap for Gabe's BR02

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Hi strap lovers, here is the latest from Dangerous9straps: a Zulu NATO strap for my good friend and long time customer Gabe from Southern California. Gabe contacted me several weeks ago asking about a NATO strap for his BR02. He has seen and liked the NATO strap that I make for Simon Cudd's (BR-avo.com forum founder and Bell & Ross's online and social media Ambassador) BR126 and liked it. I said that I didn't have any more Swedish leather to build another NATO strap for him, but that I could make a NATO from Giant round scale Crocodile, Ostrich Leg skin, shark skin, vegetable tanned leather and I was also expecting delivery of a vintage 1951 Swiss army Courier bag that was intended for the production of my newest series of 'TrueVintage' series NATO straps. Expressing his weakness for Vintage Military leather he of course chose the Swiss Army Courier bag for his newest Dangerous9 strap. I think is was a great choice for his BR02. I knew that Gabe, being not only being a long time customer, but also a friend, wouldn't mind me putting his newly complete strap on my own BR02 to check the fitment and take the photos you see here. I think the combination is perfect with the BR02 and have ordered additional hardware to build a matching strap for myself and a handful of other straps. I can report that this leather, unlike the standard Swiss Ammo pouch leather is incredibly soft and supple and that even with the double layer of leather under the watch case is outstandingly comfortable.

See complete strap slide show:

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