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Monday, April 16, 2012

Niki's African Warthog Army Eel Skin Lining for Vintage Rolex

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Hi strap lovers. Here is a very unusual strap that we recently completed for Niki Muellerschoen's vintage Rolex collection. It's make from African Warthog skin, which as an exotic leather that is essentially not available, but I was provided a small piece by my good customer and friend David Boyle ( I had made a strap for David from a piece of the Cape Buffalo he provided me and you can read about part of his amazing Africa hunting safari Here). I had never though much of the look of the Warthog leather and neither did my wife, so we were both quite surprised that while looking through my stacks of leathers Niki found it and went crazy for it (I guess he's got an artist's eye, which makes him such a great film director). Anyway, we worked out a design and he really liked the Idea of the 'SuperExotica' Upgrade using Army Green Eel skin and Charcoal linen stitching. I must say I think it turned out pretty cool looking and can report that it looks great on his vintage Rolex submariner. One little touch that I'm beginning to do more often with these 'SuperExotica' straps with Eel skin is that I even line the keeper with Eel skin as well, which makes the strap tail end run really smoothly under the keeper - it's just a little detail that no one else would even consider doing that makes the 'SuperExotica' straps from Dangerous9straps the world finest.

See the completed strap slide show:

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