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Sunday, February 12, 2012

New Black Caiman Leg skin strap - a first with full stitching!!

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Hi Strap lovers, Here is the latest Dangerous9strap made for my great customer Crossbones from the US. It was build for his PAM380 and PAM288 using black Caiman leg skin, which is by far my favorite part of the Caiman to use as the scale patterning is exquisite and is wonderfully supple while at the same time being incredibly durable. Up to now, I have been reluctant to build these straps with full stitching because I felt that the stitching would only detract from the wonderful intricate scale pattern, however, Crossbones is a great customer and was really set on stitching, so I reluctantly agreed to go ahead with the full stitching. He also chose the 'SuperExotica' upgrade for his strap and chose to have a Cognac but enhanced with Dangerous9's exclusive Hand Antiquing which together with the black Caiman leg and Charcoal line, think have made for an incredible combination and a completely custom strap. I really love how this strap has turned out and it's very difficult to pack this one up and send it out. There is only one solution for this self confessed strap addict... made one for myself:-)
If you've got an idea for a custom strap, please contact me. I would be happy to work with your to turn your dream strap into a reality!!

View entire completed strap slide show here:

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