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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Richard's 1939 Germany Ammo strap

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Hi strap lovers. Here is a strap is just completed last week that I think turned out really great. It's a German Ammo strap dated from 1939 for my good customer Richard. These pouches aren't super rare, but really nice ones with these great stampings on the back and from the war years are getting pretty hard to find these days. Richard contacted me about getting a German ammo strap made within a couple of days of my selling the only Black German ammo strap I had in stock to Richard (you can see his resulting strap a Here). I checked with my supplier with no luck and so to Ebay we went and was able to win this great ammo pouch dated 1939 from a seller in the US. Anyway, shipping took a while, and Richard was very patient with all the waiting to win the bid, then shipping the pouch, so when it got here, I got right to work building his strap in true Dangerous9 style. I turn out really great, I must say.

When I think about the history in this strap, it really is atonishing. the original pouch, made in a German nazi era war leather shop/factory by Bernhard Meyer in 1939, then somehow making its way to the US, when I bought in from a Naples, Florida Army Surplus shop. Then shipped back to Germany to be made into the strap you see here, then shipped back to the California, to my good customer Richard. That's quite a journey, and one I'm sure Bernhard Meyer could have never imagined when he churned out this little piece of gear to feed the Nazi death machine. Not quite swords to ploughshares, but something like that:-)

Here is the completed slide show:

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