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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Michael's Antique French Oak for Lum-Tec M25

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Hi strap lovers. This strap is also a Dangerous9straps exclusive finish: Antique French Oak (in this case very "Antique"). This finish begins with a new freshly made natural cream colored Dangerous9 vegetable tanned leather strap, that I take through a process of staining and dyeing with my exclusive custom mixed dyes that can take as many as a dozen individual stages. Each strap is hand dyed and stained my me so no two are exactly alike and end up looking like a strap that, while new leather, has been in use for 100 years or more. Building straps like this takes time and a lot of expertise and is simply not available from any other strap maker. This strap, like all Dangerous9straps is stitched using waxed Irish linen thread (in this case 7 ply) to give it that rough hewn look. I strongly believe that truly handmade straps MUST be hand stitched using methods that leather craftsmen have been using for centuries. Lastly each of my straps is hand signed and numbered. It's the final touches like these that set Dangerous9straps apart from any other straps available today.

Here's the complete slide show as presented to Michael prior to shipment:

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