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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Jean's new Polished Stingray strap for Beitling Navitimer ltd.

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Hi strap lovers, here is a great new strap that I just completed for one of my best customers, Jean from France. It's a Polished Stingray build for his brand new Limited Edition Breitling Navitimer and it really turned out sweet. Lined in super soft French Lambskin and stitchless, it will be incredibly soft on the wrist. I also gave the strap a very slight round top finish, which in like a padding, but runs the length of the strap and is not so radical as a padded strap. This requires a lot of time shaping the mid-layer backing leather to give it a nice rounded top profile. I think it looks really great that way and a lot more interesting to look at than a typical flat strap. This is the kind of attention to detail that you will never get from a factory made strap and what separates a Dangerous9 strap from all the others and why Dangerous9straps is a true luxury strap maker.

See the entire slide show here:

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